Zoo Talkin’ Radio – Guest Schedule


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The programs air on Monday evenings at 8:00 PM (EST), unless an exception is noted ahead of time. With few exceptions below, the episodes are scheduled to air live at 8:00 PM EST to accommodate our West Coast co-hosts.  The episodes are all archived.

Producer: Dr. Jordan Schaul
Jordan Schaul , Sandra Dee Robinson, Dr. Grey Stafford, and Steve Mendive
The Programs:

Zoo Talkin’ Radio encourages constructive dialogue among wildlife professionals at living institutions and hopes to bring awareness of the role that personnel at these conservation centers play in saving species from the brink of extinction.  We also talk with people in peripheral disciplines who may not work directly with living collections, but are aware of how poised captive wildlife facilities are to be able to contribute to both collection- based and field conservation initiatives, and who themselves may participate in other projects at universities or with the support of conservation NGOs, government agencies, or private entities.

Bears On The Air is intended to raise awareness and prompt people to take proactive measures in supporting sound conservation efforts for these flagship species, among them some of Earth’s most impressive apex predators. Living among large, opportunistic, omnivorous/carnivorous, carnivoran mammals must make us mindful and hopefully not fearful.  With the help of our guests, we can share topics relevant to bear biology and conservation. We hope to share suggestions for helping our audience develop a more vested interest in saving and managing the habitat needed for bears to survive for future generations in an increasingly crowded world.


Anthony Nielsen
(Lead Keeper, Lion House and Seal Pool, Chicago’s
Lincoln Park Zoo) [Thursday,  April 22, 2010; 9:00 PM EST] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio I)

Serena Bos
(Animal Trainer, Discovery Wildlife Center, Alberta, Canada)
[Sunday, May 2, 2010; 11:00 PM (EST)] Alternative Station (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II– Bears On The Air)

Ronda Schwetz
(Primate Area Supervisor, Denver Zoo)
[Monday,  May 3, 2010; 11:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Nolan Harvey
(Former Curator, Oregon Coast Aquarium; Trainer of Keiko)
[Monday, May 10, 2010; 11:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Grey Stafford, PhD
(Author & Director of Conservation,
Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium; Co-host Zoo Talkin‘ Radio) [Monday, May 17, 2010; 11:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Barbara Heidenreich

(Animal Training Consultant & Owner of Good Bird, Inc.)
[Monday,  May 31, 2010; 10:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Tammy Quist Thies
(Executive Director, Wild Cat Sanctuary)
[Monday,  June, 17, 2010; 11:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Siew Te Wong, MS, PhD Candidate
(Chief  Executive Officer, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center)
[Monday,  June, 14, 2010; 11:30 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II– Bears On The Air)

Rick Berlinski, DVM
(Staff Veterinarian, Toledo Zoo)
[Monday, July 5th, 2010; 10:00 PM (EST)] (
Zoo Talkin ‘ Radio II)

Richard Ellis
(Research Associate, American Museum of Natural History)
[Monday, July 12, 2010; 10:00 PM (EST)] (
Zoo Talkin ‘ Radio II– Bears On The Air)

Jackson Zee, MA, MS
[Expert Team Co -Chair, Captive Bears, Bear Specialist Group, IUCN] [Monday, July 26, 2010; 10:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II– Bears On The Air)

Ady Gil
[Conservationist, Affiliation: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society]
[Monday, August 2, 2010; 10:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

John Scott Foster, PhD
[Executive Director, New York State Zoo]
[Monday, August 9, 2010 (*To Be Rescheduled- Technical Difficulties); 10:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II) John’s Bio

Robert Buchanan
[President and CEO,
Polar Bears International]
[Monday, August 16, 2010; 10:00 PM (EST)] (
Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II– Bears On The Air)

Doug Hotle
[Curator of Herpetology, Albuqurque Bio Park]
[Monday, August 23, 2010; 10:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Luke Hunter, PhD
[Executive Director,
Panthera; IUCN Cat Specialist Group][Monday, August 30, 2010; 10:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II)

Lucy Spelman, DVM, Dipl. ACZM
[Past Director of Health/Zoo Director, National Zoo ; Author]
[Monday, September 6, 2010; 9:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Ben Kilham
[Author; Featured Bear Biologist, National Geographic Magazine]
[Monday, September 20, 2010; 8:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II– Bears On the Air)

Thane Maynard, MS
[Director, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden]
Monday, September 27, 2010 (tentative); 8:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Angela Glatston, PhD
[Curator of Mammals, Rotterdam Zoo; Author; SSC IUCN (SCSG)]
[Monday, October 4, 2010; Time-TBA] (
Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II)

Laurie Marker, PhD
[Executive Director, Cheetah Conservation Fund; IUCN Cat Specialist Group][Monday, October 11, 2010; 8:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)  Laurie’s Bio

Sarah Pacyna, MS, PhD Candidate
[Program Manager, Global Marine Programs, Wildlife Conservation Society] [Monday, October 18, 2010; 8:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II) Sarah’s Bio

Sharon Deem, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACZM
[Veterinary Epidemiologist, St. Louis Zoo’s Wild Care Institute– Galapagos][October 25, 2010; 8:00 PM (EST)] (
Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II)

Matthew Durnin, PhD
[Asia- Pacific Science Director, The Nature Conservancy]
[Monday, October TBA; TBA] (
Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II– Bears On The Air)

Scott Lope
[Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year; Operations Director, Big Cat Rescue] [TBA/rescheduled  (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Dan Subaitis
[Director of Animal Management, Phoenix Zoo]
[TBA; 8:00 PM (EST-TBA] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

Swaisgood, PhD
[Director of Applied Animal Ecology, San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research] [TBA; 8:00 PM (EST)-TBA] (Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II) Ron’s Bio

David Braun
[VP, News & Editorial Services, National Geographic Digital Media, National Geographic Society] [TBA; 8:00 PM (EST)-TBA] (
Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II)

Scott Silver, PhD
[City Zoo Director, Queens WCS]
[TBA; 8:00 PM (EST)-TBA (
Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II-Bears On The Air)  Scott’s Bio

Lynn Rogers, PhD
[Legendary Bear Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute]
[TBA; 8:00 PM (EST)-TBA] (
Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II-Bears On The Air)

Clyde Peeling
[Herpetologist, Clyde Peeling’s Reptileland]
[TBA; 8:00 PM (EST)-TBA] (
Zoo Talkin‘ Radio II) Clyde’s Bio

Conrad Schmitt
[Curator of Mammals, Zoo Miami]
[Monday, TBA; 8:00 PM (EST)- TBA] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)  Conrad’s Bio

Harry Peachey
[Curator/ Elephant Manager, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium; International Elephant Foundation]
[Monday, TBA; 8:00 PM (EST)- TBA] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio II)

William Conway, PhD
[Senior Conservationist & President & Director General Emeritus, Bronx Zoo-Based Wildlife Conservation Society] [Monday; November 1, 2010;  8:00 PM (EST)-TBA] (Zoo Talkin’

Dr. Steve Wolverton
[Faculty, University of North] [Monday; November 15;  8:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio)

Dr. Ian Dutton
[Chief Executive Officer , Alaska SeaLife Center] [Monday; November 29; 8:00 PM (EST)] (Zoo Talkin’ Radio)