Zoo Talkin’ Radio Live

Zoo Talkin’ Radio Live

Zoological Association of America

Zoo Talkin’ Radio is a web-based broadcast of live and archived interviews with the world’s leading zoo professionals and conservationists–many of whom conduct fieldwork in conjunction with zoological parks or under their institutional auspices through sponsorship and/or endorsement.

Zoo Talkin’ Radio spotlights zoo biologists and field biologists working to conserve imperiled species around the globe.  The program addresses habitat restoration and ecological health, but is primarily a species-oriented show and is intended to promote flagship species preservation at the population level as well as promote the welfare of respective animal ambassadors living in zoological facilities around the world.

The thirty minute program airs live, every third Monday of the month at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time with co-hosts Sandra Dee Robinson, Grey Stafford, Jordan Schaul and our special and regularly featured guest, Conrad Schmitt.

Producer/Co-hosts/Regular Guest

Jordan Schaul, Ph.D. is the animal curator at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center near Anchorage, Alaska. Jordan is an ex officio council member of the International Association for Bear Research & Management (IBA). He also is member of the Bear Specialist Group (IUCN) and an advisor to the AZA Bear TAG. Jordan is a professional member of the Zoological Association of America. He also hosts on blog for National Geographic’s online editorial news publication.  He is an affiliate faculty member at University of Alaska, Anchorage and a Research Scientist with the University of Alaska’s Institute of Arctic Biology (Fairbanks campus).

Sandra Dee Robinson (based in LA) is a well-known actress from daytime and prime time TV and the owner of Charisma on Camera, a media training firm. She is an avid wildlife conservationist and equestrian and has donated her time and skills to the California Wildlife Center in Los Angeles. She is also the celebrity spokesperson for the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Grey Stafford, Ph.D. is the Director of Conservation, at the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium in Phoenix, Arizona. Grey serves on the editorial advisory board for the International Marine Animal Trainer’s Association and is a member of the Association of Zoo and Aquarium‘s Animal Welfare Committee. Grey has appeared on the Letterman, CNN and frequently makes appearances on local TV in Phoenix. He is also the author of Zoomility: Keeper Tales of Training with Positive Reinforcement.

Conrad Schmitt is the Curator of Mammals at Zoo Miami. Conrad is a professional member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. He serves as the interim vice-chair of the Wild Cattle Taxon Advisory Group (AZA) and serves on the steering committee of the antelope and giraffe TAG. Conrad is also a member of the Government Affairs Committee of the AZA. He has worked in a curatorial capacity at some of the most notable zoos in North America.

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