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Jungle Jack Hanna’s Official Fan Page

Bear Keepers’ Network

Bear Keepers’ Mailing List

Felid Keepers’ Mailing List

Pinniped Keepers’ Mailing List

Canid & Hyanid Keepers’ Mailing List

Procyonid Keepers’ Mailing List

Viverid Keepers’ Mailing List

Mustelid Keepers’ Mailing List

AAZV Student Mailing List

EAZWV Student Mailing List

Zoo Professionals’ Network

Zoo Conservation & Science Centers

General Health, Husbandry, & Conservation Sites (long, alphabetized list)

SEACAP (Please join through the AZA website)

Other Sites & Links of Interest:

Zoo Associations:

World Association of Zoos & Aquariums

European Association of Zoos & Aquariums

Association of Zoos & Aquariums (North American Facilities)

Zoological Association of America

Zoo Veterinary Associations & Special Species  Health Resources:

Zoo Animal Health Network (ZAHN)

European Association of  Zoo & Wildlife Veterinarians

American Association of  Zoo Veterinarians

American College of Zoological Medicine

International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine

Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians

Nutrition Advisory Group

Wildlife Contraception Center

Reproduction Scientific Advisory Group

Endocrine Scientific Advisory Group

International Wildlife Health Institute

Zoo Keeper Associations:

International Congress of Zoo Keepers

American Association of  Zoo Keepers

Zoo Database Management & Records Curation:

Zoological Registrars’ Association

International Species Inventory System

Conservation Education:

International Zoo Educators Association

Zoo Volunteer & Docent Organizations:

Association of Zoo & Aquarium Docents

Wildlife Conservation Organizations:

Public Sector:

World Conservation Union (IUCN)

Private Sector:

Conservation International

Wildlife Conservation Society

Endangered Species International

Flora & Fauna International

Rare Conservation


Wildlife Trade:




Ultimate Ungulate

Antelope & Giraffe TAG

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