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The brand “Zoo Peeps” initially evolved out of a casual interest to connect zoo and aquarium colleagues.  It soon became a namesake for a directory or registry of zoo professionals using social media sites. Zoo Peeps further expanded into a zoo biology and conservation medicine, and research web resource for a growing  following of professionals.

By word-of-mouth and exposure on social media sites, Zoo Peeps has amassed a  following of zoo and wildlife professionals, as well as a demographic of informed wildlife enthusiasts. Among the followers in the zoo community both animal care and non-animal sectors (e.g., marketing and development officers, etc.) are represented.

Along with a news resource and a professionals’ registry accessible at http://www.zoopeeps.net the brand continued to serve the interests of a specific demographic. Subscribers and followers developed an interest in discussions catering to a particular genre of wildlife conservation media resources tailored for an audience of global zoo professionals, wildlife conservationists and a broader audience of conservation-minded people. Collectively, Zoo Peeps serves those who strongly support living institutions and their collection- based and field oriented research and outreach initiatives.

A blog was launched to address such topics and a host of invited contributing authors now provide original commentary and editorials. I also post items that hopefully foster interesting, current, and constructive discussion among colleagues dedicated to the advancement of zoo animal science, welfare, and health. Two radio shows were launched in May of 2010, and an interest in vlogging is under consideration (vlog-video blog).

Jordan Schaul


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