Tammy Thies

Tammy Thies, Executive Director

“Tammy is the founder of the Wildcat Sanctuary, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit that provides a safe home to felid species including, cougar, tiger, lynx and other [wild cats] in need of shelter. She is a native Minnesotan and full-time advertising professional who became aware of the need for such a facility through her exposure to big cats during photo shoots. She learned that throughout the United States, tens of thousands of these animals are privately owned as pets, and used as performers or for-profit breeding. Too often the cats outlive their usefulness and have nowhere to go.

The Wildcat Sanctuary provides a home for life and is a no-kill facility. Animals are not bought, sold, bred or traded. Each resident is given every opportunity to behave naturally in a wonderful environment.

The Wildcat Sanctuary provides educational outreach seminars to educate the public about the captive wildlife crisis across the United States, as well as supporting legislative efforts banning these practices. Tammy was very [instrumental] in testifying on behalf of the new Minnesota Exotic Animal Law that bans [the ownership] of dangerous exotic animals as pets.

[Her] Sanctuary is accredited by The Association of Sanctuaries and is the only big cat sanctuary in the upper Midwest. Tammy also serves on the board of the American Sanctuary Association which currently governs 35 sanctuaries in the United States.

The Wildcat Sanctuary also provides rescue services and cross-country transportation and relocation placement with other accredited facilities.”

The Wildcat Sanctuary (MN, USA)