Serena Bos

Serena Bos (Head Animal Trainer, Discovery Wildlife Center– Alberta’s Best Zoo, Canada)

Serena Bos, Discovery Wildlife Center (Alberta, Canada)

Serena Bos has trained small mammals, as large as beavers, to the largest subspecies of bears for wildlife documentaries and feature films……..

“Discovery Wildlife Park is home to many movie stars!

Bears, camels, tigers, raccoon and porcupine are just a few of our celebrities. Their credits include movies such as: Anchorman, Dr. Doolittle 2, Grizzly Falls, RV, Deck the Halls, Air Buddies and many more.

We are home to Ruth LaBarge and her many famous bears – Barney, Whopper, Betty, Bonkers and Ursula. Ruth and her bears present the Bear Awareness show twice daily at the park. They educate our visitors on bears and how to act safely in bear country. You may Click Here to see the full resumes of Ruth’s bears.” –DWP

“[Serena] has been involved with the zoo industry since [she] was seven years old when [her] dad started a private zoo. I worked as a keeper’s helper from [the] age nine to [the age of] fourteen. [Serena] took time off to have [her] two children, but still helped out as much as [she] could. Once [her] kids were in school, [Serena] returned full-time [to zoo work] and became the head zookeeper at [the family’s park], Discovery Wildlife Park. [At the age of ] 22, [she] began learning how to train by working with other movie animal (animal actor) trainers and has since [advanced] to [the position] of main animal trainer [at DWP]. [She has] trained bears, tigers, jaguars, camels, snow macaques, raccoons, beavers,  and squirrels to name a few. [Serena] has also taken animals on [location to shoot for feature films and documentaries] and assisted other trainers. [She has completed coursework in] animal nutrition, behaviour and [reproduction/propagation In[her] spare time, [she] loves to dance (and teach dance), play volleyball, coach kids soccer, and attempt to learn how to snowboard (a work in progress!)-”  –Serena Bos

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