Anthony Nielsen

Anthony Nielsen (Lead Keeper, Lion House and Seal Pool, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo)

Anthony Nielsen, Lincoln Park Zoo

Anthony graduated from Iowa State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology. He joined Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo in January of 2000 as a TemporaryKeeper at the Farm-in-the-Zoo exhibit.  Anthony then transferred to the Bird House as an Apprentice Keeper and later in 2000 was hired as a Full-Time Keeper at the Farm-in-the-Zoo. By the end of 2001, Anthony transferred to the Outdoor Bird area/exhibit to work with birds of prey, penguins, other marine/seabirds, and waterfowl (due to renovation at the farm exhibit).   He elected to stay at the Outdoor Bird exhibit and became the Acting Lead Keeper of the area for two  years leading up to 2003.  Anthony relinquished this position and transferred to the zoo’s African Journey exhibit for additional and more diverse experience, as well as an opportunity to be part of the team opening a new building. In 2005, he became the Assistant Lead Keeper of the African Journey exhibit and the Bear Line. Last year (2009), Anthony became the Lead Keeper of the Lion House and Seal Pool exhibits. He has been a member of AAZK National since 2000, attended 6 conferences and presented two papers. He served as the Lincoln Park Zoo AAZK Chapter President, Vice President, and Liaison. Anthony is a member of the Emergency Weapons Team and also completed the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Master Keeper Certification program. Anthony has partnered with a polar bear organization in Canada……..

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