Conservation Ambassadors

Our Conservation Ambassadors:

Many Zoo Peeps participate in outreach efforts all over the world.  In an effort to save vanishing species, zoological parks and other captive wildlife facilities in North America, Europe, and Australia have strengthened their partnerships with conservation organizations “on the ground.” These are the partner organizations that conduct field conservation studies or facilitate conservation efforts through the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife species in range countries.  Today more than ever, husbandry professionals at living institutions and other ex situ conservation centers work closely with naturalists and scientists in wild places in an effort to share knowledge and develop resources that strengthen collaborative efforts to conserve imperiled fauna and compromised ecosystems. They also team up on outreach programs to empower the public to take action and preserve backyard wildlife as well as threatened and endangered species in far away lands.

Zoo Peeps Conservation Ambassadors are individuals working at captive wildlife facilities (living institutions) who are involved in in situ or ex situ conservation efforts and initiatives associated with or co-sponsored by partner or sister institutions in developing countries or close to home.

Ronda Schwetz, Primate Area Supervisor, Denver Zoo; Field Advisor, Orangutan Species Survival Plan (Association of Zoos & Aquariums); Liaison, conservation 0utreach, BOS

(Denver ZooBornean Orangutan Survival Foundation Partnership)

Grey Stafford, Ph.D., Director of Conservation, Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

(WWZ&A-Sahara Conservation Fund Partnership)

Wong Siew Te, Ph.D. Candidate., CEO, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center