What do you mean their dorsal spots ain’t right?

http://news.mongabay.com/2010/0414-hance_matrix.html When I first embarked on doctoral research study it was clear that climate change had a great impact on amphibian decline as did disease along with pollutants (toxicants). Although I eventually transferred from a program that would allow me to investigate such issues, the topic will continue to warrants a lot of attention. I […]

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Jungle Yellow Fever

I’m scheduled to give a talk to an audience at the Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut next month on topics relevant to ecological health and conservation medicine. These emerging field disciplines are popular right now, just as veterinary epidemiology has become a hot topic among interdisciplinary collection-based research programs.  They are not just popular. These health […]

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Great Cats & Rare Canids Act

I’m much more familiar with clouded leopards and African wild dogs because they are displayed in zoos as ambassadors and as captive breeding stock. They too, are imperiled species, and although we may have more data on them, I suspect we know more about these carnivorans because zoos have put them on our radar.

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